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Green Calcium (Plant Souce) 240 Capsules Green Nutritionals


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Plant Source Calcium Capsules
A 100% plant source of calcium from the marine plant Lithothamnium calcareum, GreenCALCIUM is naturally rich in calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace minerals important for optimum calcium absorption and bone health.

Two capsules provides 600mg of elemental calcium.

GreenCALCIUM exclusively uses Organic Certified Aquamin(TM) marine plant that is environmentally harvested from the clean, mineral-rich Atlantic waters off the west coast of Ireland and the northwest coast of Iceland.

GreenCALCIUM is well absorbed and utilised in the body due to the following 3 special features;
1) It has a unique porous 'honeycomb-like' structure which reacts particularly well in the digestive system giving it enhanced absorption properties.
2) Its molecule has a very large surface area which allows faster solubilisation and rapid ionisation of the calcium, resulting in better absorption.
3) It contains other important minerals necessary for the absorption of calcium including magnesium, boron, selenium, zinc, strontium and iodine.
All these minerals are in the balance nature originally intended for enhanced assimilation. See a full analysis here
GreenCALCIUM contains:
· NO calcium chelates processed from limestone or chalk
· NO calcium hydroxyapatite derived from crushed animal bones.
· NO crushed coral or oyster shell.
· NO animal products or by-products
· NO corn or wheat products
· NO gluten
· NO Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
· NO herbicides, NO pesticides, NO contaminants
· NO dairy products

GreenCALCIUM is the richest natural plant-source of calcium available, is highly alkaline (pH10) and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
All GreenCALCIUM products are bottled using LOCTEC (TM) oxygenless packaging technology.
Manufactured by: Green Nutritionals