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Not very set... Set Boxes

An introduction to the Daintree Set Box..

Our brief was to give those people who want a SET BOX that option; but with the flexibility to customize the SET BOX to your hearts content. Essentially all of the advantages of a SET BOX but with none of the disadvantages. Hence the Daintree (Not Very Set) Set Box. You have two to choose from, a $50-ish Set Box and a $100-ish Set Box. These are made up of our current Best Selling lines and are adjusted regularly to allow for seasonal changes. When ordering you can opt to have the box as is, or you can personalize it to your exact dietary requirements and budget. Our system then saves this order for you and you can reorder YOUR VERY OWN SET BOX at your convenience at the push of a button. If there are lines that are no longer available in your personalized SET BOX, you get notified of this at time of order, so you can choose to replace them, or proceed without them.

$50-ish Set Box


$100-ish Set Box