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Organic Easy Summer Chicken Salad

Organic Easy Summer Chicken Salad


100MLS Ozganics oil free dressing
4 organic chicken breasts
6 medium sized organic new potatoes (scrubbed)
200GM Organic Mixed Lettuce
1 organic green cucumber diced
1 seeded and sliced red capsicum
handful of fresh coriander
4 organic shallots - sliced
100GM seeded organic olives
100ML oZganics chilli sauce


baste chicken breasts with ozganics chilli sauce and leave to marinate for 1 hour
wash and cut new potatoes in half
place on hot grill to cook
place marinated chicken on grill and cook till done
arrange cooked potatoes on plate
place lettuce, cucumber, and capsicum on top
pour over ozganics oil free dressing
arrange cooked chicken on top
tear up coriander leaves and scatter on dish with sliced olives and shallots.