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Apis mellifica - 30C
A homeopathic remedy commonly used in the treatment of stings and bites,
allergies of eyes, mouth, throat, blisters, fever (not accompanied by thirst).

Apis is specific for any stings or bites where the skin is itchy and swollen with redness or heat. This remedy is also used for other conditions characterised by burning, stinging and/or stabbing pain such as mild urinary tract complaints. In addition, it can help reduce fluid retention and ameliorate allergic conditions of the eyes, mouth and throat. Apis can improve conditions affecting the lining of the joints, chest and abdomen eg: arthritis, pleurisy and peritonitis.

Apis can be used to treat eruptions on the skin such as measles, urticaria and/or scarlatina, as well as inflammations of the kidneys, liver, throat and/or ovary.

It is useful for rheumatic inflammations and basically any allergic reaction accompanied by swelling and burning pain, including jelly-fish stings, blisters on the feet and actual burns to the skin.
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