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Eggs Large 600G (1 Dozen) Ovaston ORGANIC


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ORGANIC Eggs Large 600G (1 Dozen)

Organic Growers are allowed 1,500 birds per hectare... Free Range growers can have as many as 10,000.. That's 6 times as many birds as organic in the same space.

‘Ovaston Organics’ are producers of organic free range eggs. Their farm is located at Southbrook in the Darling Downs region of Queensland and we have been producing organic free range eggs since 2004.
Ovaston Organics are an Australian Certified Organic Producer
(ACA 4584A).

- Low Carbohydrates
- 95% Fat Free
- No GMOs
- No De-Beaking
- Low Cholesterol
- No Chemicals
- No Cages
- No Yolk Colourant
- Packaging made from 100% recycled fibres and fully biodegradable

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Manufactured by: Ovaston