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Bathroom Cleaner Coconut 500ml Cinderella


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Cinderella Bathroom Cleaner 500mL Coconut
Coconut Fabulously Clean Bathroom Cleaner - plant based, no animal products, no petrochemicals.

Cinderella Bathroom Cleaner is a fast acting brew that removes dirt, scum, mould and calcium buildup while making taps sparkle.

To use: Spray on all the stuff in your bathroom and wipe off with a damp or dry cloth. Your bathroom will smell good enough to eat after you've finished.

Cinderella Cleaning Products are made from renewable resources, ie petrochemical free. They work hard but when you have finished with them they degrade quickly (9x faster than standard surfactants) so they don't irritate the environment.

Ingredients: Water, Surfactants Sourced From Natural Renewable Resources, Fragrant Oils From Natural And Renewable Resources, Natural Acids Sourced From Fruits And Sugar Cane, Preservative
Manufactured by: Cinderella