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Steak Eye Fillet (500g) Organic


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Certified Organic Free Range
Beef Eye Fillet 500g

WHY EAT ORGANIC MEAT? This important question can be answered very simply by stating the following facts about the restrictions placed by the organic food certification bodies in Australia on certified organic farms:

* No Herbicides can be used on the farm,
* No Pesticides can be used on the farm,
* No Chemical Fertilisers can be used on the farm,
* No Antibiotics can be given to the animals,
* No Growth Promotants can be given to the animals,
* No Hormones can be given to the animals,
* Genetic modification is banned,
* Animals must be given green pastures to roam for the majority of their lives,
* Animals must be only fed grass and organically certified feed (all animal by-products are banned).

Why eat organic meat? Because it is healthier, tastier, better for the environment, and you are supporting the welfare of animals in our world.

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Manufactured by: Brisbane Certified Organic Meat